WorldWarParty is a game engine we developed to make tons of games as crazy and violent as possible. All games are free during the launch period. So far we have 2 games for you to play. Help us by providing some ideas for our next game or just say hi:
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Download: PC, MAC, iOS, Android
Released: 20.Aug.2017
Watch trailer: on Youtube
Images: one, two, three, cover
#1 - Game Of Trump
If you love the President, good for you. If you don't, let's have some fun! If you love shooting the ever living crap out of everyone and everything without remorse, we have the game for you! Blow the German Krauts into smithereens on the battlefield and raise the proud American flag with the Muricah or Annihilate the Alakbas and Kimchis, it has never been so fun and fulfilling. Ever, period. This isn't just a game, this is the most exhilarating, graphic and jaw dropping game where no one is best, and everyone is just a little less crap. Join the battlefield in one of two teams, 8 real players in total, 4 in each team. Maybe your friends can join in too, if they can look past the GORE. Pick a bone with the old World War buddies and recreate the Great War on the battlefield! But remember, President Trump will be on the great metal war machine and ready to take your attacks all day long! Sure you can hit the others on the battlefield, but Trump is your main target, destroying him means business! Remember to pick up some ammo on the way, so you have a chance against the President's mechanical doomsday contraption! There's rifles, landmines, and shotguns! It's most insensitive way to take the 80 year old revenge, and it is the most satisfying. If your idiot butt forgot to pick up that ammo on the way, and your weapon jams up because you forgot to clean it, press the boost button and spear the propagandists right in the chest, and take, them, down. Tanks spawn too sometimes, only when Trump breaths heavily on your neck really hard, that hardcore killing machine takes down hundreds, even thousands of the foot soldiers and it is ghoulish! Don't fall into the trap and join any team they throw you in, choose which team you want to join first, because, free will, and play your friends over local Wi-Fi or the internet, it's literally a blast, okay. The most exciting game to play with your friends! If they're too busy for your game, grab them by the.. Arm and drag them into the battle arena! Team death match just got a whole new meaning, have fun with this new team game, collateral damage is just another way to take down the real enemy. Get set, get loaded and remember, don't start World War 3.

Download: PC, MAC, iOS, Android
Released: 20.Aug.2017
Watch trailer: on Youtube
Images: one, two, three, four, cover
#2 - Balls Of Duty
No pain no gain; if you're looking for the same old girly games you played when you were 6, then this game isn't for you. Balls of Duty takes beating the crap out of each other on the battlefield to a whole new level! Kick around a massive unadulterated ball on the field! Drive tanks! SHOOT GUNS, TRAMPLE your enemies! Decorated the playing field with the insides of your enemies! Join the game and choose your team, up 8 players can play together with up to 4 real players in each one, so you can form a mosh pit of pure horror! Local Wi-Fi? Check. Friends over the internet? Double check, anything works! Want an unfair advantage? Pray to the demons for a tank, crush your enemies and throw powerful projectile bombs to get the gain you need! You control your phone! This kickball shooter game will let you move around the battlegrounds with guns, live ammo and weapons so you can feel absolutely buff! Out of ammo because you didn't bother picking any up? Gun won't work anymore? NO PROBLEM. Get a speed boost and run miles on end and knock your enemies with the strength of GODS, run with the turbo button on your right thumb and get absolutely JACKED. You know you like the multiplayer gun game when you have the options between 3 badass weapons, Landmines! Rifle! SHOTGUN! Blow the living daylight out of your adversaries! Set the landmine traps and strategize! Don't chicken out at the last moment, turn your enemies into nuggets! You have three badass teams to choose from with many different and similar looking characters and a few special ones which make their way to the battlefield, so you can play as famous real world antagonists and destroy your opponents! Got a hole in your heart for the great wars? Play as the many types of teams which include Team Muricah, always number one! Team Kraut, Team Alakba and Team Kimchi and tell everyone what you want and HOW YOU WANT IT! This violent soccer game will keep you and your friends entertained for hours! Kill noobs and shoot guns with this team-based and one on one gun game and have the time of your life! Get completely lost in the carnage and forget you are late for work by 30 minutes! All is fair in love, war and Balls of Duty!

Hey, psssstt, i heard you like crossplatform realtime multiplayer nonsense?
This game is ment to be played against other people accross all platforms.
You can play on a PC/Mac against someone who's using an iPhone/Android device as long as you're sharing the same WiFi hotspot. You can also play against someone from the internet, but who cares, right? It's about beating the sh*t out of people next to you.
- said no free-to-play game designer ever.

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