Tiny Landlord: Idle City SIM

Build a City and Please Your Citizens

Are you prepared to operate a whole city?
Build up and rule your own city to become the richest landlord!
This game is about being a good landlord and pleasing your tenants.

Start with very few houses, and work on it to make it grow.
Unlock new districts to create an amazing area where your citizens will enjoy their daily life.
Manage wisely what kind of buildings you upgrade first to earn money.
Expand the city, get fire hydrants, streetlights and bike stands for the common folk.
Hire policemen to maintain public order and security.
Hire firefighters to protect your property from disasters.
Hire doctors to ensure the tenants won’t get sick.
Beautify the streets with different plants, benches and decorations.

At last, just have real conversations with the tenants, they will tell you how they feel and what needs to be done.
This way you’ll become a successful landlord tycoon and your citizens will thank you with monumental gifts.
You’ll be able to take car and helicopter rides and unlock further cities to proceed with your expansion.
If you like management and idle games, you’ll enjoy Tiny Landlord.
An easy-to-play, but also challenging game.

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